International Mathematics Contest Union(Iran)

Research Projects(2011- 14)


1. On the Wolfram rules and their applications more

2. On the polyominoes (in art gallery) more

3. Quaternions more

4. Penrose tiling more

5. The Sierpinski's conjecture on the triangular numbers more

6. Coding and information theory more

7. The mathematics of Origami more

8. Elevator problems and their algorithms more

9. Secret writing more

10. The travelling salesman problem and its algorithms more

11. Finite geometries more

12. The optimum wiper more

13. Axiom of choice, be or not to be more

14. Cycloid more

15. Mathematics of billiards more

16. Hex game and fixed point theorems more

17. On the (discrete) dynamical systems and their applications more

18. Finance and economic analysis more

19. Knots in mathematics more

20. Hadamard matrices more

21. The game Owari more

22. Geometry of numbers more

23. On the gambler ruin problem more

24. Topics on the isosceles triangle more

25. On the grid puzzles more

26. Topology of metric spaces more

27. Ramanujan graphs more

28. On the Wolfram cellular automata machines more

29. Ramsey theory and its applications more

30. Worm paths more

31. Cardioid drawer more

32. Gray codes with applications more

33. Geometry of polynomials more